ESSEC works in partnership with Gritchen Assurances to offer specific solutions to the requirements of French and overseas students during their studies.


How do I identify the insurance product that best suits my needs?

In order to identify the insurance product(s) that best suit your needs, you can first refer to the information sheets as well as the GCI (General Conditions of Insurance) available for each product.

If, after consulting these information sheets as well as the product GCIs, you have not found an answer to your questions, do not hesitate to use our contact form ( so that our teams can provide you with answers

Do I have to take out several types of insurance or can a single product cover health, civil liability, housing?

Depending on the range of your needs, you can take out only one type of insurance or different types. For example, the proposed comprehensive home product will cover your home while including civil liability. The multi-stay product include complementary health insurance. If you want specific information about our products, do not hesitate to use our contact form (

When you indicate “stay abroad”, does that include France for a non-French student, coming from his country of origin to France?

Stay abroad does include France for a non-French student. The multi-stay product defines a stay abroad as a stay outside the insured's country of origin.

How do you take out insurance?

Choose the product of your choice, then click on "subscribe".

Fill in your information and proceed to payment for your insurance. You will receive your insurance certificate by email.

Where can I find my insurance certificate?

By taking out one of our insurance policies, you will automatically receive a confirmation email along with your certificate. If you cannot find this certificate in your emails, please check your spam emails.

I have taken out insurance and I want to report a claim, how should I proceed?

If you have purchased insurance: VISA, Travel, Winter sports, Tuition interruption costs

Connect to the site:

(Send your supporting documents and follow the progress of your case at any time)


Send us an email:


By postal mail:

Gritchen Affinity – Service sinistres

27 Rue Charles Durand – CS70139

18021 Bourges Cedex

If you have taken out one of the following insurance policies: Multi Stays; Multi-risk residential

File a declaration no later than 5 days following occurrence of the incident at the following email address:

In case of doubt, you can contact +33 3 74 45 43 01 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.)

I’ve filed a claim, how can I follow the progress of my case?

To follow the progress of your claim, you can visit the website and go to "consult a claim". Your claim number as well as your name will be requested to know the progress of your case.

I’ve filed a claim. When will I be reimbursed?

You have filed your claim, you have received an acknowledgment of receipt indicating the opening of your case, the case reference and the contact details of your case manager.

If your file is complete, your compensation will be released within 72 hours.

If I need to make changes to an insurance subscription, what should I do?

If you wish to modify an insurance subscription, contact specifying your subscription information (last name, first name, case number, etc.) as well as the modifications to be made.

Is the motive for declaring a claim covered by my insurance contract?

The reasons for declaring a claim vary from one contract to another, which is why you should refer to your general conditions to know them. You can consult those either in the email that you received at the time of subscription, or on the home page of the Gritchen ESSEC insurance site, in the section dedicated to the product you subscribed to, called “see the GCI”.

I want to take out insurance that covers me all year-round for all my stays abroad. What should I choose as insurance?

In order to benefit from full coverage valid all year-round during your stays abroad, whether for study, during an internship or a tourist stay or even a humanitarian stay, you must take out “multi-stay” insurance, accessible from this page (clickable link:

I’m a foreigner, of Chinese nationality, and I’ve taken out Multi-stay insurance. I am going for an internship in Turkey. In case of repatriation, where will I be repatriated?

During a stay abroad and in case of repatriation, you will have to provide certain items to allow the the assistance provider to intervene:

• Your contract number

• Your last and first names

• Your home address (address to which you will be repatriated)

• The country, city or town where you are at the time of the call

• Specify the exact address (no., street, hotel, etc.),

• The phone number where you can be reached

• The nature of your problem

The principal and usual place of residence of the Insured designated on the subscription form is considered his domicile. In the event of a dispute, the Insured's tax domicile constitutes his principal and usual place of residence.

Will CL also work in Turkey since I have to provide proof to the company?

The guarantees apply worldwide, provided that the corresponding premium has been paid, except in your country of residence (excluding the exemption provided for in the article "Medical and hospital costs in your country of residence"). In general, are excluded countries in a state of civil or foreign war, of known political instability, undergoing popular movements, riots, acts of terrorism, reprisals, restriction of the free movement of people and goods (regardless of the reason, notably related to health, safety, meteorological events…).

I have accommodation outside the ALEGESSEC residences and I have to take out residential insurance. Which insurance should I choose?

The insurance offer provides a complete solution for all the damage that your home may suffer or that you may cause during your studies. In order to protect your accommodation (apart from the accommodation in ALEGESSEC residences), you must subscribe to the “Multi-risk home” insurance policy accessible from this page (clickable link:

As an expatriate of the Working Holiday Visa program, do I need to take out insurance?

In the case of a Working Holiday Visa program, it’s required to take out, at minimum, “VISA” insurance to obtain the VISA. This insurance covers medical costs as well as repatriation costs depending on the country of destination.

You must take out the "VISA" insurance accessible from this page (clickable link:

I want to go on a trip soon and want full coverage

In order to benefit from full coverage during a trip, whether for study or private travel, you must take out "travel" insurance accessible from this page (clickable link:

I plan to go skiing soon and I want to be insured

"Winter sports" insurance allows you to benefit from extended guarantees within the framework of the practice of your board sports.

In order to benefit from full coverage during your next ski trip, you must take out “winter sports” insurance accessible from this page (clickable link:

I would like to benefit from guarantees in the event of cancellation or interruption of schooling

The “tuition interruption costs” insurance allows students to benefit from a financial guarantee in the event of cancellation or interruption of your studies as well as full cover during your stays abroad for studies, an internship or a tourist stay.

To subscribe, you must select the “Tuition interruption fees” insurance available from this page (clickable link:

What is included in the cancellation or interruption of schooling cover?

The guarantees take effect within 30 days following the date of subscription in the “cancellation or interruption of schooling” contract, except in the event of the death of the Subscriber or his/her Financial Sponsor.

The “cancellation or interruption of schooling” insurance covers all or part of the tuition fees and/or the deposit paid by the Insured in the following cases:

- Death of the Subscriber

- Medical incapacity of the Subscriber resulting in cancellation of his/her registration or interruption of schooling

- Medical incapacity of the Financial Sponsor resulting in a Decrease in income or Death of the Financial Sponsor;

- Medical event affecting the spouse and/or dependent children of the Financial Sponsor leading to a temporary or permanent interruption of the subscriber's studies

- Unemployment of the Financial Sponsor.

To become familiar with the details on the guarantees, please read the GCI (

How do I receive my insurance certificate?

When you take out insurance, you will receive your certificate directly as well as the associated General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) by email. If you lose this email or if you do not receive it, you can contact our sales department at so that they can send your certificate again.

I am a foreign student in France. I’ve taken out Multi-stay insurance as a supplement to Social Security and I need to have to a crown made. Therefore, it’s not an emergency. Can I obtain reimbursement for actual costs? or 400%, for example, of the agreed rates?

The assistance guarantee for “Medical and hospitalization expenses outside the country of residence” includes cover for emergency dental care (dressing, filling, root canal, extraction, etc.) when following an accident or an unexpected illness requiring surgery or medical treatment that cannot wait for the return to the Country of origin.

The maximum amount of reimbursement for emergency dental costs (natural teeth) is indicated in the Table of Guarantees. Cleaning, check-ups and other routine treatments are excluded. In case of dental treatment exclusively due to an Accident having occurred during the effective period of the Contract, and not caused by subsequent deterioration of the teeth, is only considered as an Accident a case where you also endure other physical injuries for which medical treatment or hospitalization is required. Crowns, bridges and dental devices are not considered natural teeth.

Multiple stay insurance is the equivalent of “mutuelle” if you’re outside your country of residence, but if you’re in your country of residence, you have to subscribe to a “mutuelle”.

Exclusions applicable to assistance guarantees:

Costs for prostheses: optical, dental, hearing, functional prostheses, orthopaedic or orthotic material and osteosynthetic material, etc.,

Under what circumstances can I be reimbursed for my dental expenses?

By subscribing to Multi-stay insurance, you have the possibility of being reimbursed for certain medical and hospital costs outside your country of residence. Among them, emergency dental costs up to a maximum limit of 200 € per person. (cleaning, check-ups and other routine treatments are excluded).

If I am outside my country of usual residence, am I covered with multi-stay insurance ?

With Multi-stay insurance you are covered when you’re outside your country of residence and this from the first euro or in addition to your social security plan if you have one. When you return temporarily or permanently in your country of residence, the contract may cover you from the first euro or in addition to the compulsory health plan if you have one.
For example, if you are a Chinese student: In France, social security is obligatory for stays of more than 3 months, the contract will cover you in addition to French social security. You are therefore not required to have subscribed to additional health insurance in addition to the multi-stay insurance.

Am I covered against consequences of Covid illness with multi-stay insurance ?

Yes, the multi-stay insurance contract covers medical expenses including hospitalization and repatriation in case of COVID illness during your stay as well as the hotel costs following placement into quarantine.

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